How to Choose the Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Already sold on an inflatable hot tub? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go shopping for a heated spa.

Four tips for choosing the best inflatable hot tub

Pay attention to these four crucial aspects when researching a portable spa.  


Inflatable hot tubs come in sizes ideal for between one to six persons. The size of a hot spa is essential for usability reasons. Other than usability, the size of a bath is critical to its performance.

Choosing a bigger spa is understandable since your needs can change. Be reminded you’ll be needing an increased space for set up.


Portable spas come in different shapes (round, square, rectangle & triangle) and each have their benefits. Oval inflatable hot tubs, for instance, due to their compactness, are space-efficient but very limited in terms of what can be done/how it can be used. 

The triangle-shaped spas are closest in application to the round-shaped tubs. They have the best applications as hydrotherapy spas for people who prioritize their privacy. 

The square- and rectangle-shaped spas, on the other hand, are not space-efficient neither will they hide away in a corner. But they usually have seats for groups to relax and party. 

One more thing, because tubs are not suitable for kids, some manufacturers designed a kind of 2-in-1 package consisting of a hot tub for adults and a pool for children. Check out this one from Intex.

Jet type

The jets on an inflatable tub are there to add to your overall soaking experience. These jets release bubbles that help soothe your skin and muscles while keeping water at a steady temperature. 

Air jet and water jet are two inflatable hot tub jet types. Affordability vs. efficiency is the two deciding factors. The stream of current and bubbles from air-based jets is perfect though. Also cheaper. Except water cools pretty fast. The jets of a water/hydro based spa, on the other hand, while not cheap, offers better heat retention.

Filtration system

The presence or absence of water and salt filtration system can make all the difference between a good and a great hot tub. 

If you are prone to skin reaction, a portable spa with built-in hard water treatment is strongly recommended. 

Similarly, a spa with a built-in saltwater system can eliminate the need for chlorine or shocking. 

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