Is an Inflatable Hot Tub Worth It?

Why should you buy an inflatable spa and not the traditional fixed hot tub? 

Here are five reasons a portable spa is worth your time and money.

5 Advantages to Buying an Inflatable Hot Tub


Unlike traditional hot tubs that are stationary, inflatable spas are easy to move and store due to their portability. You can keep an inflatable spa indoor or outdoor. Better yet, you can take an inflatable hot tub to parties, weekend getaways, or vacations.


Inflatable hot tubs because of their simple controls and settings are very easy to manage. No technical expertise or elaborate installation is required.

Cost-effective installation

Compared to traditional hot tubs, inflatable tubs are relatively cheaper to install. No need to worry about construction or installation fees. All that is required is a pump, electrical connection, and water.

Economical & energy-efficient

Inflatable spas are also cheaper to buy and maintain. 

Unlike permanent hot tubs that require high amounts of electricity to run, inflatable spas only need the standard 120-volt electrical connection. 


Sitting in a permanent hot tub for long periods can be quite uncomfortable due to the rigidity of the backrest and seats. 

Portable hot tubs are more comfortable. Their inflatable nature lets you sink in the soft, flexible liner, giving you a more cushioned and satisfying experience.

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Inflatable Hot Tub Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)