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Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Swimming is a popular summer pastime, and if your family has a backyard swimming pool, your kids might be eager to take a dip! However, as a parent, you can’t forget about the importance of pool safety. From creating a secure pool area to maintaining the quality of your pool water, these resources will help you ensure that everyone in your household can enjoy your backyard swimming pool while staying safe this summer.

Make Sure Your Pool is Secure

Investing in certain pool security tools and fixtures is the simplest way to prevent accidents.

  • If you’re setting up an above ground pool, choose a model that has earned great reviews for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Budget about $222 to $986 for any pool repairs before your kids go swimming.
  • Enclose your pool area with the right type of fence for your backyard and budget.
  • Consider installing an automatic pool cover for added peace of mind.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Accidentally ingesting untreated pool water can easily make a swimmer sick. These helpful guides will teach you how to properly treat your pool water.

  • Aim to shock your pool about once per week to eliminate algae growth.
  • Learn how to balance the pH of your pool water, as an improper pH can compromise the pool material and other equipment.  
  • You can also place a chlorine tablet in a floating dispenser to minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning.
  • Are you looking for gentler alternatives to commonly used pool treatments? Try these household cleaning products as substitutes for chlorine.

Swimming With Your Child

If it’s been a few months since your child has gone for a swim, you may want to take some time to refresh their skills when you open up the pool.

  • Before you begin your lessons, familiarize yourself with the signs of drowning.
  • From choosing the right swim gear to helping your child feel confident in the water, this guide is packed with tips on teaching your kids to swim.
  • Try these fun swimming stroke drills with your kids to take their skills to the next level!
  • Make a DIY sign with these simple, helpful swimming safety rules so your kids will always know what to do when entering the pool.


A backyard swimming pool can be a source of endless summer fun for your whole household. But without taking the necessary steps to make your pool a safe place, someone could easily get sick or injured. With these informative resources, you’ll be able to invest in high-quality pool safety tools and help your children become stronger swimmers this summer.