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Do you want to get started soaking or maybe you are looking to get optimum value from your swimming pool? You have come to the right place.

Here are helpful resources for choosing and maintaining a swimming pool.


Do you want to spend less time researching, save money, while avoiding low-grade, problematic swimming pool products?
Browse through our reviews page to find in-depth, highly comprehensive reviews of some of the best swimming pools and swimming pool kits to include but not limited to pumps, timers, skimmers, deck paints, lights, test strips, and covers.


Want to know if an item is worth it, and why? The information you will find on our Articles page will answer common questions you may have about swimming pools and their components.


Do you want to ensure the peak performance of your swimming pool? Beyond functionality are the issue of hygiene, security, and safety. Our tutorial page has helpful, practical articles on upkeep tips, including how to get optimum value from your swimming pool and its parts/accessories.


Can’t afford, or maybe you are unwilling to pay full price for a swimming pool product you are interested in? Take advantage of price slash and discounts to save yourself some dollars. Check out our deals page and start saving.

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