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Now make no mistake: Pooleum doesn’t sell swimming pool products. Instead, our team of writers and editors research, write, publish, and recommend tested high-quality swimming pool products. Here’s a sneak peek into what you should expect from Pooleum.

Swimming pool types

Above ground pools and inflatable hot spas are top choices because they are quick and cheap to install and store. Needless to mention that Pooleum’s interest is in temporary swimming pools. Click here to learn more about the prospects and benefits of temporary swimming pools, including reviews, articles, tutorials, and guides for making the right selection and for getting optimum value from your purchase.

Swim pool parts and accessories

Cover/ground clothes, liners, skimmers, filters, floats/loungers, sweeps/vacuums, cleaners/chemicals are few examples of kits that would need to be switched from time to time in order to ensure peak performance on the swimming pool. Go here to learn more about the prospects and potentials of each of those components, including their relevance and contribution to the overall performance of your portable spa.

Deals and offers

Can’t afford, or maybe you are unwilling to pay full price for a swimming pool product you are interested in? Take advantage of price slash and discounts to save yourself some dollars. Check out our deals page and start saving.

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